Capital Assets Committee

Mission and Vision

The Capital Assets Committee is responsible for the investigation, acquisition, maintenance, and removal of those POA items typically placed on the common properties and expected to last 5+ years. Such things are considered as capital items and appear as accounting line items.

The committee:

  • Accepts capital donations and requests for POA memorials, which includes considering the applicability, appropriateness, safety concerns, and costs of future maintenance.
  • Provides to the Trustees a recommendation to accept or decline the donation or memorial
  • Makes recommendations to the Trustees when disposing of POA capital items
  • Establishes a list of annual standard maintenance items
  • Manages capital project contracts (prepares specifications, solicits bids, reviews responses, selects winners, processes and approves invoices for payment)
  • Recommends an annual budget for the maintenance or improvement of capital items (June thru May) and any changes to the budget during the year
  • Develops and maintains procedures and processes for committee functions
  • Prepares and makes updates to a rolling 5-year plan
  • Educates the community about capital improvements guidelines and processes
  • meets at least quarterly, prepares minutes, and submits to the Secretary

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