Governance Committee

Committee’s Purpose:

This Bylaws Committee is responsible for researching, drafting, and submitting for approval of any amendments to the governing documents (Declarations, Bylaws, and Rules) for the Association. The committee accepts and processes requests for changes to the current governance documents according to formal procedural rules.

The committee:

  • Manages the process for change to the governance documents
  • Makes recommendations to the Trustees
  • Reviews the governance documents for adequacy
  • Educates the community about the governance documents
  • Files appropriate governance documents when amended, with local authorities
  • Manages committee contracts (prepares specifications, solicits bids, reviews responses, selects winners, processes, and approves invoices for payment)
  • Recommends an annual budget for the committee and any changes to the budget during the year
  • Develops and maintains procedures and processes for committee functions
  • Prepares and makes updates to a rolling 5-year plan (or on an as-needed basis, if determined by the Board)
  • Educates the community about the Association’s governance documents
  • Meets at least quarterly
  • Prepares minutes and submits to the Secretary

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Page updated 2020-09-09