Welcome to the Windrush Creek Property Owners Association

Working Together to preserve the natural beauty

Imagine a community where your immediate surroundings support a sense of being in the right place with good neighbors.  Where you can walk out your front door and have amenities that complement your property.  A neighborhood that harbors both private and communal interests.  Where one of the best school districts in Ohio is in your backyard.

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Imagine yourself at Windrush Creek


Windrush Creek features amenities that make life more enjoyable and more convenient in one all-encompassing areas.  Our community is built around Sundays spent fishing and afternoons spent biking. Campfires in the summer and sledding in the winter. Reading a book after school and dog walks after dinner.

At Windrush Creek, you’ll spend less time looking for a place to park and more time in our common areas, because the paths, playground and more are all a short walk or bike ride away.

And one of Ohio’s best school districts is in your backyard.  Windrush Creek is located within the Gahanna-Jefferson City Schools, which consistently ranks as one of the top 20 school districts in the state.

Spacious common areas, large lots, and natural beauty draw new residents to Windrush.  As you settle in, you will appreciate even more that this community is a treasure, a gem of a location that supports both private and communal goals.  You are in the right place with good neighbors.


The Association funds mowing of the common ground next to the pond except for a 10-foot setback. Individual owners adjacent to the pond mow their lawns. There are benches to enjoy the pond along with catch-and-release fishing. There is even ice skating allowed, when conditions are right.

The Association funds maintenance, and volunteer residents provide the labor.

Walking Path

A scenic path connects the Windrush Lane and Brooksong areas.  On the Brooksong side, look for the entry west of Brooksong Circle; on the Windrush side, look for the arched bridge under the transmission line and walk from Windrush Lane across the bridge to reach the gravel path.  Admire the native plantings and fruit trees. Sit on a bench to take a rest. The plantings and benches were installed by your neighbors.  An “easement of enjoyment” allows residents to traverse the pond. The Association pays for mowing and weeding the common areas.


Members are committed to the beauty of Windrush.   Each homeowner is responsible for keeping their building and grounds clean, tidy, and attractive. Each year, the Association selects a homeowner for a Landscaping Award.

Our open backyards and communal spaces are perhaps Windrush’s greatest assets.  The Association hopes to galvanize every resident do be a backyard conservationist and help make Windrush common areas greener. The Landscape Committee spearheads this effort. 

Picnic Areas

There are two picnic areas with plenty of seating around them. The Brooksong and Windrush Lane sections each have a handsome, low firepit for residents’ use. 


Just in the last year, residents installed play equipment for resident’s children and grandchildren. The equipment includes swings, a climbing wall, and a slide.

Little Free Library

Take a book, return a book. That’s the Little Free Library philosophy. Windrush Creek has a little library that gives our community an easy way to get our hands on reading material.

Windrush Creek Property Owners Association (POA)

Windrush Creek is a diverse, sustainable community built around common areas and walking paths instead of congested streets. Architectural variety instead of cookie-cutter houses. Open areas and a pond instead of concrete and asphalt.

When Windrush Creek was first envisioned back in the early 1970s, it was planned as an equestrian community.  In the original plat maps, the individual properties were much smaller and over half of the nearly 65 acres, making up Windrush I was set aside as riding paths.  A stable was planned for the corner of Havens Corners Rd. and Taylor Station.  Before the first house was constructed, the developer dropped the idea of the equestrian community in favor of larger lots and a planned development.  Our POA was one of the very first community corporations in the State of Ohio for a community association not part of a condominium community.

It differs from a condo association in that each home is a fee simple property and you own the inside, outside and the land surrounding your home.  You are automatically a member of the POA when you buy a property in Windrush Creek POA and as such there are certain rules that apply to all properties in the association.  Some of those rules are holdovers from the equestrian concept.  Because there were bridle paths around, behind and between each property, no fences were allowed.

This gives us a unique open feeling that remains today.  Each home is unique, making us different from the planned cookie-cutter condo communities.  We each have a role in keeping Windrush Creek the special place in Franklin County that we love and call home.


Windrush Creek Property Owners Association is comprised of 39 homes that encompass common areas and green spaces, which are routinely cared for and maintained by the Association. The Association has high standards for use of the property, consistent with other planned communities

  • Watch for announcements of events or projects, like community clean-up
  • Read the newsletter.
  • Become familiar with the website.
  • Help out on projects as they come up.
  • Join a committee
  • Chair a committee
  • Serve as one of the three elected trustees

The Trustees award a certificate for citizenship each year at the spring meeting to a homeowner who has enhanced value, harmony, and a sense of community.

For more information, contact us at: [email protected]

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